Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bookshelf Redo

So yesterday I wrote about my 30 minute mini project organizing the computer desk that I have been using while my office gets in order (Have I mentioned i'm excited to show you pictures of my new office soon?). After feeling my spirits lifted by what can be accomplished in just 30 minutes, I decided to see how I could improve our bookshelf that stands next to the desk.
Not awful, but a little cluttered and scattered.
 Again, the key to shaping up this bookshelf was to get rid of stuff. This is usually the hardest part of organizing. The connection we have to our stuff. But it feels so good to only keep what you need and what works to improve the look of a space.

After- feels so much more focused to me!
I encourage you to find just a few things you are willing to part with today! And I can help!

Happy Organizing!


Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Well, I am back. Or more accurately: Finally Here. After working my last day of my job as a nanny and taking on Grace as my new full-time work I am finally able to make organizing my focus 40 hours a week. There have been so many tasks that I wanted and needed to tackle to get this business rolling, but found it to be nearly impossible while working another full-time job, cooking, cleaning, laundering, and finding precious time with my husband.

In just these two days as a full-time business owner, I've been able to check so many things off my list! The most exciting being the new business cards that are on their way as we speak!
The Front

The Back
I spent my whole day yesterday on the design and am pretty happy with how they came out, considering I know nothing about graphic design and I was using Microsoft Word to design them. I can't wait to hand one out for the first time!

I've also been working hard with Kevin to get my home office in order. We spent the weekend painting it white and green. (Pictures to come!) While that room is still under construction I have been using the computer desk in our den and realized today while scanning organizing blogs that our house is in serious need. After recently (Um..July was recent, right?) moving while both working full-time, we haven't seemed to figure out a system for our new space.

I began feeling the typical self-loathing that most women feel when browsing pinterest or blogs of women who seem to have it all together, plus four kids and a parakeet. Ugh, I wish I was Super Woman! Instead of allowing myself to harbor those feelings, I decided to make myself a client!

The computer desk I've been using became my first project.

Oh my does anything ever get this bad?!
I started the project by removing everything from the top and insides of the desk and categorizing like with like. Then I found a place for everything. The main reason our desk is now organized? I threw away a lot of unnecessary stuff!


I know it's not the prettiest desk, but now it's clean!
I know, I know...the REAL test is, "How clean are the insides of the drawers?" Keep in mind I still need to get some containers to make the drawers look beautiful, but this is at least a before and after of eliminating unneeded stuff!
Before: what a mess!

After: so much less junk!

Before: Crowded

After: Room to spare!
Before: just so unnecessary!
After: almost empty!
Before: sloppy
After: Clean

Before: cluttered

After: Clear!
 Again, this is by no means a beautiful redo, but I spent absolutely no money on materials, and it took about 30 minutes from start to finish! Just an easy, midday organizing project! And you don't have to be Super Woman to make these small improvements!

I am free now to help with your home, so fill out a request form on our website!

Happy organizing!