Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Introducing: Tips on Tuesday

I am so excited to announce the new weekly series: Tips on Tuesday!

My goal is to post quick and easy tips that you can start to incorporate into your routine immediately with few or no purchases. If you are my Fan on Facebook these first two may be familiar to you, but tune in next week for an all new tip!

One of my absolute favorite tips produced results immediately. I just love when that happens! To keep organized on a daily basis, My husband Kevin and I set a timer for 10 minutes every night before going to bed and walk through each room of the house putting everything back in the place where it belongs. You can adjust the amount of time for your space. For example, we only needed 5 minutes when we lived in an apartment.

View organizing as an investment in your time. 10 minutes a day could end up saving you hours later.

Another tip I've shared on my Facebook page is to designate a spot for hangers in your closet. Leaving empty hangers among clothes makes them hard to find when hanging up clean clothes.

Here is the system I use in my closet:

Stay tuned for more Tips on Tuesdays!

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