Thursday, November 8, 2012

Imaginary Office Redo

Redesign longing. I'm convinced I'm not the only one who experiences this. Whenever I'm acquiring decor for a blank canvas of a room, I'm always in a rush to get it done- to see the picture in my head translate out to the room before me.

But then when I'm happy with my work, I'm longing to find a reason to visit garage sales and thrift stores looking for that next, unique piece that completes a space. Only my space is already completed and I don't want to (or am not allowed) to spend anymore money.

That's where I find myself today with my office. I have everything I need to function within it, but so desire to start over with new file boxes, desk organizers and magazine racks. Just for the thrill of the hunt.

 So here are the picks for my imaginary office redo. If I was starting all over with my office, these are the products that I would have bought in a heartbeat.

First, baskets I love. I like to use square baskets to store binders, books and folders and rounded baskets to store craft supplies and larger items.
I love how both warm and yet industrial these baskets are.
($14.99 at Marshall's)
I love the chalkboard label on the side! This would be a great basket for binders.
(This item didn't have a price tag, but based on similar items, I'd price it at around 13.99 at Marshall's)

I am loving wire baskets! More than that I love that they are lined so you don't have to stare at the contents all the time. ($10.00 at TJ Maxx)

Now for filing. I really prefer wall files as opposed to file boxes or file cabinets because folders are so much more accessible on a wall rather than all shut up in a box. You can even separate folders by category. For example, "Client Info" can by all by itself in one section and "Financial Records" can be in another.
More wire!
($12.00 at Marshall's)
While I really love the "Shabby Chic" look of this, I think it could be cute spray painted a fun color, too.
($15.00 at Marshall's)

.On to desk organizers. A well-placed desk organizer can dramatically reduce clutter on your desk.

I love the labels on the pulls.
($24.99 at Marshall's)

This is a great center for notes, memos, lists, and sticky notes.
($24.99 at Marshall's)
Some things are just not good for me in digital form. My monthly schedule is one of them. I love being able to see my upcoming events in hard copy.
This calendar is so cute!
($14.99 at Marshall's)

I wish I had unlimited rooms in my house to work on, but luckily I can always come to your house and help you with your rooms!

Happy Thursday!



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