Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Spice Cabinet Before and After

Last week I spent a day in my mom's kitchen taking baby steps to get her space ready for the holidays. She always does a ton of delicious baking, and having an organized kitchen can make a big difference!

With just one day in town to work, we decided to not bite off more than we could chew and begin with a few cabinets that my mom identified as the areas that, if organized, would improve her peace in the kitchen greatly.

First, we began with the spice cabinet.

As you can can't see, there are spices and cans that are hidden by the front row of items. This makes it difficult to keep an inventory of exactly what is in your kitchen, and duplicates ensue.

I laid out the spices in alphabetical order and placed multiples of each spice behind each other. Then we were able to combine multiples into one jar and reduce wasted space.

Then we sorted like items with like items and created the following categories: Spices, Dessert Decorating, and Canned Goods.

We brainstormed about what would function best for her lifestyle and then....we hit The Container Store!

It was my mother's very first trip to The Container Store, and she handled it beautifully. It can be a really overwhelming store, but we stayed focused and ended up with some great products. Here's what we bought for the spice cabinet:

3-Tier Silver Mesh Cabinet Organizer $7.99 at The Container Store

Gravity-Feed Can Rack $14.99 at The Container Store
(To be reviewed in an upcoming "Things on Thursday"!)
Then, using these new products we assigned a home for each item and put them back in the cabinet. So just to refresh your memory, here's the before photo again:



Notice how the mesh cabinet organizer gives the spices "stadium seating" so you can see even the back row of spices. Anything that makes baking easier for my mom is a good thing!

Stay tuned for the rest of my mom's kitchen redo. Next up- dinnerware cabinet!

As always, email me at anytime to talk about how I can help you prepare for the holidays!

-Tiffany Pope

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